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Resources For Homebrewing

Most nano breweries started out as homebrewers. With that in mind I wanted to share some of the resources that helped me get started in homebrewing.

Book - How To Brew by John Palmer - this is the homebrewer's bible. If all you have is this one book you'll be fine.

Website - - this site is free (or for $3 a month there are some expanded features). It has a bunch of tools like ABV calculators, tons for recipes, and a forum with people happy to help new homebrewers. There's also a great tool for designing your own recipes.

Those first two resources are really all you need. The rest of this list are some other resources I use often.

Magazine - Craft Beer & Brewing ( - for $35 a year you get 6 magazines plus access to their website with past articles and recipes. For another $10 per month you can get access to their video library. I really enjoy the magazine and I've found some good recipes in their database. The videos are good but I wouldn't consider them a must-have for homebrewing.

Magazine - Brew Your Own ( - for $30 per year you get 8 magazines. I like the articles on beer styles and the recipes that go with the articles. For the same price you can get the digital-only version which is all the same articles and recipes of the print version but you also have access to search previous articles and recipes. I found that a better value. If you can't decide you can get the digital and print subscription for $45 per year. They also have bootcamps (some of them are online) which can help expand your homebrewing skills. I haven't tried a bootcamp yet but their online NanoCon was great.

Membership - American Homebrewer's Association ( - for $43 a year you get membership to the AHA. This saves me 10% at both local brew shops which alone pays for itself. You also get access to their database of recipes, recorded seminars, and Zymurgy Online magazine.

And then there are the websites I use to buy equipment and ingredients I can't find locally. I recommend getting on their email lists because you get some good deals and discounts. Most of these vendors also ship for free with a minimum purchase. I plan out the things I want and then just wait for an email with a good deal.

If you're interesting in homebrewing as a hobby, I hope these resources help get you started.

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