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The Search Is On

The business plan is done and now we're continuing forward. We've gotten a couple of quotes on brewhouses, we're starting to look at properties with the help of Century 21, and we're searching for an architect. The group on Craft Beer Professionals' Facebook page were once again very helpful. They provided some insight regarding architects, what to expect from them, and some figures to help with budgeting.

Even though the business plan is done, we're still tweaking it as we look for properties and re-evaluate brewhouse size. With that in mind we actually have two business plans we're working from and location and available properties may dictate which one we implement. We have a 2 BBL plan and a 5 BBL plan. I like the idea of starting small with a 2 BBL set up and being prepared to scale up quickly. We'll be experimenting with non-beer options which would continue to be brewed in smaller batches even after scaling up. Once we scale up to 5 BBL or 7 BBL we can continue to use the 2 BBL set up for experimental beers and non-beer products.

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