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Resources For Starting A Brewery

There are a lot of resources I've found for starting a brewery but I'll keep this short to just the really good ones.

NanoCon Online ( - Craft Beer & Brewing usually does a live convention in Denver but due to the pandemic they went online last year. I don't know if they will do another online version but I hope they do. The cost of the NanoCon in Denver isn't bad but add in flight, food, hotel, etc and it adds up. I do hope to go to a live NanoCon in the next year or so.

LivePlan ( - I heard about this website at NanoCon. I tried books from the library but just got nowhere. This website has really helped push the business plan forward.

Tom Hennesy Books - Tom has started numerous nano breweries and compiled his method in three books: Brewery Operations Manual, The Affordable Brewery, and Colorado Boy SOP. You can get a glimpse into his process on YouTube at

Craft Beer Professionals ( - we just met Andrew recently but he's been a great resources. They have an FB page where nano breweries share information and a YouTube channel with great content.

These resources are really good starting points. Look for future posts where I'll add more resources as I find them.

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