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With A Little Help From My Friends

A project like starting a brewery isn't done alone. One of the first things you start to accumulate; even before you start thinking about going pro, is a group of friends and family that love beer. So right away I have a control group to provide input on which beers to keep as I experiment with potential beers for the brewery's portfolio. I also tapped into that list of friends and family to find people with business and accounting backgrounds that can help guide me in those areas. I also have family with some social media knowledge who are already helping me in that area. From there a network starts to build as friends and family tap into their circle of friends for knowledge they don't have. I've had meetings already with friends of friends who can provide some free info or will be future service providers. In short, without even realizing it, I ended up with a circle of friends and family that drink beer and know stuff (nod to Game Of Thrones). So if you're following this blog because you have an interest in starting a brewery, take a look at the friends and family you're having beers with because there's a wealth of knowledge sitting right at the table with you.

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